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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Attractive in a strong, imposing way HANDSOME
Conduct business TRANSACT
Crustacean that attaches to underwater surfaces BARNACLE
Cuban capital HAVANA
Deceptive manoeuvre RUSE
Deliberately spoil the appearance of something DEFACE
Determined and unwavering RESOLUTE
Dutch spirit distilled from potatoes SCHNAPPS
Efforts, endeavours ATTEMPTS
Endured, survived LASTED
Feline forty winks CATNAP
Hearing, touch etc. SENSES
Heavy nautical rope HAWSER
Howls, wails ULULATES
It’s plucked or strummed GUITAR
Jane …, … Square EYRE
Look secretly PEEP
Metallic element in a strangely snug tent TUNGSTEN
Oblique allusion INNUENDO
On every occasion ALWAYS
Organs of photosynthesis LEAVES
Out of the ordinary UNUSUAL
Partners in crime HENCHMEN
Planet of the rings SATURN
Platforms for public speakers ROSTRUMS
Postmortem examination AUTOPSY
Recipients of medical care PATIENTS
Risky commercial undertaking VENTURE
Spiny marine invertebrates URCHINS
They take place EVENTS
Took care of TENDED
Work, usually musical OPUS