Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 29 2018

Clues Answers
Acquire knowledge or skill LEARN
After, by and by LATER
Anger, wrath IRE
Appearance, facet ASPECT
Basic natural drive INSTINCT
Body of people under a single government NATION
Clod, lump CLUMP
Connive, intrigue SCHEME
Container for water or wine CARAFE
Cook with dry heat ROAST
Drollness, humour WIT
Elongated or expanded EXTENDED
Henry Moore or Oisin Kelly, say SCULPTOR
Hot pod CHILLI
In that place THERE
Keeps apart from others SEPARATES
Long section at the back of a gown TRAIN
Mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden NYMPH
Mythological water nymphs NAIADS
Of the stars ASTRAL
Organism that lives in or on another PARASITE
Payment for the release of someone RANSOM
Quantity, sum AMOUNT
Refuse to give in RESIST
Ridiculous, silly ABSURD
Schooled, trained EDUCATED
Small hoofed animal ASS
Small openings or crevices CRANNIES
Successfully finished COMPLETED
Sudden occurrences, of disease or violence OUTBREAKS
Taking up where you left off RESUMING
Weariness or boredom ENNUI
White garment worn by priests ALB
Without delay or hesitation FORTHWITH

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