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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Aircraft supported solely by air GLIDER
Audience members who try to embarrass with gibes HECKLERS
Chest of drawers or an office BUREAU
Clocks that wake sleepers ALARMS
Coarse fabric for sacks HESSIAN
Completely, without qualification UTTERLY
Cosmetics MAKEUP
Counterfoil, of a cheque say STUB
Death by suffocation ASPHYXIA
Delusion, fantasy ILLUSION
Did what one was told OBEYED
Examined, tried TESTED
Expose false claims DEBUNK
Field event combining speed and agility LONGJUMP
Glass container in the laboratory TESTTUBE
Clues Answers
Harangue, rave RANT
Hard finishing coating VARNISH
Ineffectual, in vain FUTILE
Irregular or uneven PATCHY
It flows through Germany ELBE
It’s now Ho Chi Minh City SAIGON
Its capital is Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA
Not certain UNSURE
Preliminary drawings SKETCHES
Protects, watches over GUARDS
Signs of a learner driver LPLATES
The centre of a darts board BULLSEYE
Throat clearance to attract attention AHEM
Very charming and attractive ADORABLE
Weights and measures before the metric system IMPERIAL
Went on board EMBARKED