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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Aesthetically pleasing ARTISTIC
Almost, well-nigh NEARLY
Casino card-game BACCARAT
Channel, furrow GROOVE
Combatants, soldiers WARRIORS
Cry of the old town crier OYEZ
Excessive fatness OBESITY
Flexible willow twigs OSIERS
Go on without stopping CONTINUE
Gustav …, Austrian composer MAHLER
Hot Mexican pepper JALAPENO
It attracts iron MAGNET
It emits lava VOLCANO
Join the military ENLIST
Mist or smoke VAPOUR
Mixture of dry cereals and fruits MUESLI
Most bizarre WEIRDEST
Performance by one SOLO
Peril, risk DANGER
Repugnance, revulsion HORROR
Roam about ROVE
Saturday and Sunday WEEKEND
Scan iris for other flowers, oddly NARCISSI
Set of steps STAIRS
Strangely, Incas ban this drug CANNABIS
Talk intimately in order to manipulate SCHMOOZE
The answer sought SOLUTION
Unorthodox or independent-minded person MAVERICK
Usual, everyday ORDINARY
Water pitcher EWER