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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Antecedent, forebear ANCESTOR
Augment, expand INCREASE
Aver, maintain ASSERT
Bottles with narrow necks FLASKS
Call off or invalidate CANCEL
Carry on regardless PERSEVERE
Cavity in a volcano CRATER
Disappear suddenly VANISH
Disinherit or renounce DISOWN
Distress call SOS
Elevation above sea level ALTITUDE
First lady EVE
Gives off a strong unpleasant smell REEKS
Hard outer covering SHELL
Hardy and sure-footed animal ASS
Having a nice flavour TASTY
International organisation for education of children in developing countries UNICEF
Involuntary muscular contractions SPASMS
Clues Answers
Latin-American dance TANGO
Leguminous seed PEA
Likeness of person or thing IMAGE
Male voice TENOR
Monies left in a bank DEPOSITS
Out in front AHEAD
Powerful circular current of water WHIRLPOOL
Prevent from deteriorating PRESERVE
Requiring less effort EASIER
Restate in another language INTERPRET
Royal tombs of ancient Egypt PYRAMIDS
State in which blood-flow is stopped STASIS
Stratum LAYER
Suffer from lack of food STARVE
Summary of the main points PRECIS
Unlicensed drinking establishments SHEBEENS
Vacations HOLIDAYS
White gypsum used for carving ALABASTER