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Irish Times (Simplex) – Aug 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Amounts incurred in the performance of work EXPENSES
Anger, wrath IRE
Broken pieces FRAGMENTS
Came into view APPEARED
Concurred, assented AGREED
Cower, flinch CRINGE
Deny, prohibit FORBID
Did Poe rue being over on the continent? EUROPE
Dried grape RAISIN
Explicit, particular SPECIFIC
Feeling of love or strong liking AFFECTION
Funny, droll COMIC
Grey-barked tree ASH
Hand-held firearm PISTOL
Hawaiian garland of flowers LEI
Incontrovertible evidence PROOF
Intended, had in mind MEANT
Clues Answers
It rotates to push against air or water PROPELLER
Moose ELK
More pleasant NICER
Natural discharge of electricity LIGHTNING
Noisy toy RATTLE
Not a soul NOONE
Number of people or things classed together GROUP
Presents for acceptance or refusal OFFERS
Protections against weather or harm SHELTERS
Rejoinder, retort RESPONSE
Removes dirt CLEANS
The buying and selling of goods and services COMMERCE
The name of a book, say TITLE
Tool for cutting grass or crops SICKLE
Wooden frame for an artist EASEL
Wrinkle or pressed line CREASE