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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Askew, twisted AWRY
Astounded AMAZED
Belonging to them THEIRS
Circle of light HALO
Container for liquid BOTTLE
Curiously, Dan and Eva are in the US NEVADA
Despite the fact that THOUGH
Exclamation of misfortune ALAS
Extremely bad ABYSMAL
Fastest mammals on land CHEETAHS
Football club and military depot ARSENAL
French cake GATEAU
Gathered in great quantity AMASSED
Grow, add to INCREASE
Horny animal feet HOOVES
Imaginary or based on folk tales MYTHICAL
In …, not present ABSENTIA
Indecisive person DITHERER
Information given to a court EVIDENCE
Internet page WEBSITE
Lowest in stature SHORTEST
Male goose GANDER
Male swine BOAR
Move something from one place to another TRANSFER
Noisy, excited and confused commotion BROUHAHA
One-storeyed building BUNGALOW
Optical illusion caused by atmospheric conditions MIRAGE
Plan, propose INTEND
Represent in words DESCRIBE
Rule over, control GOVERN
Systems of transportation RAILWAYS
Tell a story RELATE