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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 18 2018

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Clues Answers
Alphabet of Slavic languages CYRILLIC
Bought and sold TRADED
By only a small margin NARROWLY
Car marque and big cat JAGUAR
Comparatively good BETTER
Delicate, understated SUBTLE
Descriptive word or phrase EPITHET
Expecting a baby PREGNANT
In all or as a whole INTOTO
Irks, vexes ANNOYS
Keep in check RESTRAIN
Large, imposing building EDIFICE
Mariner SAILOR
Measure of a surface AREA
Mild mental illness not caused by an organic disease NEUROSIS
Mindless, vacuous ASININE
One with unusual foresight SEER
Payment as a favour, not as an obligation EXGRATIA
Period of celebration FESTIVAL
Punctuation mark FULLSTOP
Reduce in size DECREASE
Requiring less effort EASIER
Shantytown in Brazil FAVELA
Sign of the water-carriers AQUARIUS
Sources of illumination LIGHTS
Strikingly strange or unusual EXOTIC
The training of a horse in manoeuvres DRESSAGE
Therefore, to the old Romans ERGO
They supply food for events CATERERS
Toothed wheel mechanism GEAR
Wash and iron LAUNDER
Yellow fruit BANANA