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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 19 2018

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Clues Answers
”… to …, dust to dust” (burial service) ASHES
Admiration and wonder AWE
Asian subcontinent INDIA
Book of accounts LEDGER
Can Diana be a strange North American? CANADIAN
Change to suit a new purpose ADAPT
Charges of ammunition ROUNDS
Christian church services for the many MASSES
Close associates in business or life PARTNERS
Earlier than previously thought SOONER
Early inhabitant of Australia ABORIGINE
Elongated fish EEL
Empty space between things GAP
Group selected to judge a competition PANEL
Highest point of a mountain SUMMIT
Inventor of the phonograph EDISON
Man-made lake of stored water RESERVOIR
Monies obtained in return for labour or services EARNINGS
Move upwards ASCEND
One keeps watch SENTRY
Orbiting body in the heavens PLANET
Preset mechanisation to activate a device TIMER
Projecting land mass MOUNTAIN
Roof space ATTIC
Rose to the top of water SURFACED
Set movements to music DANCES
Shows, signals INDICATES
Song that tells a story BALLAD
They train to compete ATHLETES
They’re employed in the service of government SERVANTS
Threefold TREBLE
Tooth on a gear wheel COG
Turn into a distorted shape TWIST
Unaccompanied singing ACAPPELLA
Visual or mental representation IMAGE
Winner, title-holder CHAMPION