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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Animal that eats other animals PREDATOR
Birthplace of the 44th US president HAWAII
Break free from confinement ESCAPE
Briefcase or diplomat ATTACHE
Debate or dispute ARGUMENT
Declare to be true AVER
Every year ANNUALLY
Go away DEPART
Greek god of love EROS
Having most weight HEAVIEST
Imposed a penalty on PUNISHED
International match TEST
Investigation of component parts ANALYSIS
Large masses of rock BOULDERS
Made use of UTILISED
Military forces TROOPS
Monetary unit in several countries DOLLAR
Pact, accord TREATY
Prepares for performance by practice TRAINS
Pulled out of the ground, a tree perhaps UPROOTED
Refuse to endorse VETO
Refuse to notice IGNORE
Repeat aloud from memory RECITE
Small camp some distance away from the main army OUTPOST
Small invertebrate creature INSECT
Stern or very plain AUSTERE
The Mikado or Pirates of Penzance, say OPERETTA
The wearing away by weather EROSION
Traditionally suits, shirts etc. MENSWEAR
Verse of a poem STANZA
We have twelve of them MONTHS