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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Apprise, notify INFORM
Bar or banister RAIL
Blueprint, sketch DESIGN
Devices to signal danger ALARMS
Distinctive way of pronouncing words ACCENT
Document showing legal right to a property TITLE
Endured LASTED
Exact copy of written or printed material FACSIMILE
Expelled, booted out EJECTED
Expressions of praise ACCOLADES
Forgive sins ABSOLVE
Hidden, covert SECRET
Illness, malady SICKNESS
Investigation to enhance the store of knowledge RESEARCH
Lend an ear LISTEN
Mixture of two or more substances SOLUTION
Moored a ship in its allotted place BERTHED
Of the greatest importance VITAL
Office or chest of drawers BUREAU
Opinions formed with little or no information GUESSES
Passage below ground TUNNEL
Person ‘owned’ by another SLAVE
Place of worship CHAPEL
Relating to the mind MENTAL
Rubs out ERASES
Science-fiction creatures ALIENS
Set of clothing OUTFIT
Sign of the common cold SNEEZE
Story, anecdote TALE
Study of stars and planets ASTRONOMY
Supplant, replace SUPERSEDE
Tiny piece PARTICLE
Up to the time UNTIL
Very lightly cooked meat RARE
Young female GIRL