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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A set of seven SEPTET
Animal hunted for food or sport GAME
Bag with flap and strap SATCHEL
Castor and Pollux GEMINI
Channel of communication MEDIUM
Cheers, bottoms up CHINCHIN
Confused knot TANGLE
Constant nuisance PEST
Container for salt CELLAR
Establishments for travellers HOTELS
Fabric, stuff MATERIAL
Film director whose work has a distinctively personal quality AUTEUR
Formal address or discourse SPEECH
Irritating, annoying IRKSOME
Is present in the world EXISTS
It lies between Britain and Scandinavia NORTHSEA
It’s equal to twice the radius DIAMETER
Making a sound EMITTING
Meat stuffed into casing SAUSAGE
Microscopic creature MITE
One has a special appreciation of art and beauty AESTHETE
Picture painted on a wall FRESCO
Plant that lives and dies within a year ANNUAL
Porch around a building VERANDA
Processed food as a quick meal or take-away FASTFOOD
Provides protection from weather or harm SHELTERS
Pupils, learners STUDENTS
Round figure CIRCLE
Stare at in a lecherous manner OGLE
Widespread outbreak of disease EPIDEMIC