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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 29 2018

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Clues Answers
At one time FORMERLY
Band of rainbow colours SPECTRUM
Blank areas SPACES
Brace, pair COUPLE
Comedian COMIC
Daily or weekly publication NEWSPAPER
Desire for drink THIRST
During the time that WHILE
Feeling of strong liking AFFECTION
Financial statements ACCOUNTS
Garden tools and card suit SPADES
Globular organ EYE
Greek island and type of lettuce COS
Heavy nautical rope HAWSER
Imaginary line around the Earth PARALLEL
Incapable of sustaining life BARREN
Incontrovertible evidence PROOF
Long pointed weapons LANCES
Clues Answers
Lustrous structure in a shell PEARL
Model of excellence IDEAL
Monetary resources FINANCES
Not making any noise SILENT
One exercises dominion RULER
Order not to do FORBID
Other than EXCEPT
Precise, not vague SPECIFIC
Really, genuinely TRULY
Serious lung condition EMPHYSEMA
They live solitary lives, avoiding people RECLUSES
Thin fried slices of potato CRISPS
Toothed cutting tool SAW
Uncooked RAW
Undo, unlace UNTIE
Weeping CRYING
Wholly and completely ENTIRELY