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Irish Times (Simplex) – Dec 8 2018

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Clues Answers
Acquired, attained GAINED
Alloy of copper and tin BRONZE
Assign responsibility for misdeed BLAME
Atrocious, awful DREADFUL
Bush country of Australia OUTBACK
Comfort, rest EASE
Covered with a movable screen, a window perhaps SHUTTERED
Declamatory, ostentatiously lofty BOMBASTIC
Demonstrated or depicted SHOWED
Desire to satisfy a need APPETITE
Dignified, sombre SOLEMN
Divided up SHARED
Draw towards oneself PULL
Expelled, booted out EJECTED
Extent from side to side BREADTH
Flashes, sparkles TWINKLES
Free from dirt CLEAN
Friendly, helpful nations ALLIES
Fully grown animals ADULTS
Handy, practical USEFUL
House at the entrance to grounds of a mansion LODGE
Lists of names ROLLS
Of most recent date LATEST
Power to recall MEMORY
Protect by taking out a policy INSURE
Put into, bank account say DEPOSIT
Shelter, protection from danger REFUGE
Snow vehicle and heavy hammer SLEDGE
State of misfortune or affliction ADVERSITY
Strove to achieve in the face of difficulty STRUGGLED
Struck lightly TAPPED
Thin slab of ceramic or slate TILE
Turn down REFUSE
Underwent a change BECAME
Undiplomatic TACTLESS
Upholstered seat with a back and arms SOFA