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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 1 2019

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Clues Answers
Alarms, scares FRIGHTENS
Aromatic bulb GARLIC
Ball of wool as a decoration on a hat BOBBLE
Beyond normal limits EXCESSIVE
Casual, free and easy INFORMAL
City of northwest Germany BREMEN
Combination of numbers to find the sum ADDITION
Convexity of the surface of a road CAMBER
Cut down, lessen REDUCE
Disagree DIFFER
Disclose, uncover REVEAL
Dodge, duck EVADE
Entitled, suitable ELIGIBLE
Exclude, blackball OSTRACISE
Feeling of anxiety or dread ANGST
Giant tombs of Egypt PYRAMIDS
Hindu loincloth DHOTI
Indicated assent NODDED
It’s distilled from molasses RUM
Join the military ENLIST
Large ground-dwelling birds with long legs BUSTARDS
Large tub and tax VAT
Long wide pavement next to a beach ESPLANADE
Lord and outer garment CARDIGAN
Poorly ILL
Proficient, skilled ADEPT
Puts off or yields DEFERS
RAF and CIA together on the continent AFRICA
Rice cooked in seasoned broth PILAU
Roman goddess of the hunt DIANA
Sage and rosemary, say HERBS
Shallow dishes PLATES
Stopped or slowed down development ARRESTED
The science of number, quantity and space MATHS
Weep convulsively SOB