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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A Dutch cheese EDAM
Baffle, puzzle PERPLEX
Caused someone to believe something that wasn’t true DECEIVED
Coral reefs ATOLLS
Deferred to in an obsequious way KOWTOWED
Delightful in all respects IDYLLIC
Disappear suddenly VANISH
Expresses scorn or contempt SCOFFS
Flower-like FLORAL
General meaning GIST
Group of suburban houses ESTATE
Historically, the chief magistrate of Venice DOGE
Lacked, required NEEDED
Lacking zest or enthusiasm LISTLESS
Large stinging wasp HORNET
Liquor made from the agave plant TEQUILA
Long thin worm such as threadworm NEMATODE
Long-haired sheepdog COLLIE
Mischievous fairies IMPS
Models, blueprints PATTERNS
One holds official permission LICENSEE
Planned, meant INTENDED
Praises, lauds EXTOLS
Premises for loans against personal property PAWNSHOP
Reduce in rank DEMOTE
Rolled out, a flag perhaps UNFURLED
Soldier on watch SENTINEL
Subjects, topics THEMES
The sound of a donkey HEEHAW
Underwater bomb TORPEDO
Unending time ETERNITY
You can’t make one without breaking eggs OMELETTE