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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 19 2019

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Clues Answers
A tool for household use UTENSIL
Applaud, commend PRAISE
Appraising, evaluating ASSESSING
Arrive COME
Bulbous vegetables ONIONS
Bundles of fibres in the body NERVES
Cease-fire in order to conduct talks ARMISTICE
Collection of things wrapped together BUNDLE
Divisions, segments SECTIONS
Functional units in the body ORGANS
Globular organs EYES
Have in mind to do INTEND
It’s seldom seen RARITY
Level a charge against ACCUSE
Liquefied by heating MELTED
Makes believe PRETENDS
Most warm and comfortable COSIEST
Old money for the US vice-president PENCE
One only SINGLE
Praised insincerely FLATTERED
Reference point, touchstone STANDARD
Single-storey outbuildings SHEDS
Slender woody shoots TWIGS
Snow vehicle and heavy hammer SLEDGE
Spur on, encourage URGE
Sub-atomic particle NEUTRON
Swelling containing pus ABSCESS
The force of one body against another IMPACT
The result of an allergic reaction to pollen HAYFEVER
Toy replicas of humans DOLLS
Trivial nonsense PIFFLE
Underground cemeteries constructed by the ancient Romans CATACOMBS
Underground passage TUNNEL
Unit of temperature DEGREE
Unoccupied or not in use IDLE
Without delay ATONCE