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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 2 2019

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Clues Answers
”Songs of … and Experience” (William Blake) INNOCENCE
An old type of wheat SPELT
Angular unit and college award DEGREE
Annoying constantly PESTERING
Associate that provides assistance ALLY
Call off or invalidate CANCEL
Cause annoyance IRRITATE
Dark and gloomy, like the mythological river Styx STYGIAN
Decorates cake with sugar topping ICES
Fabric from flax LINEN
Fictional owner of a magic lamp ALADDIN
Fruit and colour ORANGE
Gloucester or Emmental, say CHEESE
Gold or copper, say METAL
Grows old AGES
High regard, respect ESTEEM
Indefinitely short time MOMENT
Informal or cursory CASUAL
It’s used in jam-making PECTIN
Most advanced in age ELDEST
Most offensively curious NOSIEST
Never ending UNCEASING
On one’s feet STANDING
Periodic ebbs and flows of the sea TIDES
Poking gently with the elbow NUDGING
Powder produced by some plants POLLEN
Produce from nothing CREATE
Produced a sound by forcing air through the lips WHISTLED
Rodent with sharp black-and-white spikes PORCUPINE
Ship that supplies other ships TENDER
Social or professional standing STATUS
Thin slab of ceramic or slate TILE
Those not already mentioned OTHERS
Took a sharp breath GASPED