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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 20 2019

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Clues Answers
A black eye, colloquially SHINER
Animal’s elongated appendage TAIL
Beethoven or Mozart, say COMPOSER
Dawdle, hang around LOITER
Determined, dead set RESOLUTE
Eucharist cups CHALICES
Exactly on time ONTHEDOT
Impart knowledge INFORM
Intense repugnance HORROR
Italian dumplings GNOCCHI
Jewish salutation SHALOM
Low female singing voice ALTO
Man-made water-jet FOUNTAIN
Material to stabilise a ship BALLAST
Monument to war dead CENOTAPH
Of the eye OCULAR
Particle of matter ATOM
Posing no danger HARMLESS
Rebound BOUNCE
Religious address SERMON
Remittances PAYMENTS
Reveal by removing a curtain UNVEIL
Savage and cruel BRUTAL
Sensations perceived when eating or drinking FLAVOURS
Signal to say danger has passed ALLCLEAR
Slender double-reed instrument OBOE
So-so ban over the instrument BASSOON
Strange to say, a cola mug might cause an eye disease GLAUCOMA
Striped and spotted wildcat OCELOT
Surface coating that comes with age PATINA
Three-cornered, hat perhaps TRICORN
Without ceremony INFORMAL