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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Appended ADDED
Areas that are not mountainous, in Scotland, say LOWLANDS
Bars temporarily SUSPENDS
Brouhaha, commotion UPROAR
Ceremonial globe carried by a monarch ORB
Detached, kept apart ISOLATED
Dismissed from employment SACKED
Expose false claims DEBUNK
Express regret APOLOGISE
Fabric from the flax plant LINEN
Financially effective ECONOMIC
Frequently OFTEN
Funny circus folk CLOWNS
Heaviness WEIGHT
Highly-priced EXPENSIVE
Issue a command ORDER
Messages informing of danger WARNINGS
Mongrel dog CUR
Most furious ANGRIEST
Moves silently and carefully CREEPS
One’s sense of self-importance EGO
Plants that grow up a support CLIMBERS
Prayer of thanks before/after a meal GRACE
Pungent root for salads RADISH
Racquet game TENNIS
Reading carefully to remember STUDYING
Respiratory disease PNEUMONIA
Rule as sovereign REIGN
Rushed headlong DASHED
Seasonally flooded lowland SWAMP
Separate into parts DIVIDE
Sick ILL
Smoothed with heat IRONED
Sweeping brush BROOM
Talents, crafts or accomplishments SKILLS
Units of weight KILOGRAMS