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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 26 2019

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Clues Answers
Analyse syntactically PARSE
Association for mutual co-operation LEAGUE
Brief written record NOTE
Cold dishes of vegetables or fruits SALADS
Conjuror, illusionist MAGICIAN
Covering on tip of the finger NAIL
Cut off the limbs DISMEMBER
Dais, pulpit PODIUM
Distinct periods of history ERAS
Dramatic subdivisions SCENES
Elects by ballot VOTES
Ethnic people in Louisiana, USA CAJUNS
Forgive for sins ABSOLVE
High-handed, supercilious CAVALIER
Highly-seasoned Italian sausage SALAMI
Low dam across a river WEIR
Metallic element discovered by the Curies RADIUM
Monkeys with silky coats and long tails MARMOSETS
Operating medical practitioner SURGEON
Original, prototype ARCHETYPE
Pause or break in continuity HIATUS
Pendant of frozen water ICICLE
Punishment for wrongdoing, by religion perhaps PENANCE
Quickly and without warning SUDDENLY
Releases from a restraint UNLEASHES
Sign of thing to come PORTENT
Single parts of a whole UNITS
Sloped, slanted TILTED
Small Indian pastry of meat or vegetables SAMOSA
Smooth, glossy fabric SATIN
Stopped, discontinued CEASED
Strong need for drink THIRST
Swap, trade EXCHANGE
Unassuming, humble MODEST
US president lived in a strange RNA age REAGAN
We send out to the northern state SWEDEN