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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 28 2019

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Clues Answers
Authoritative doctrine DOGMA
Balkan country BULGARIA
Commercial vehicle VAN
Crystalline carbohydrate SUGAR
Deep, ringing and mournful PLANGENT
Determined attempt ENDEAVOUR
Extol, laud PRAISE
Firmly or with great power STRONGLY
Floor covering RUG
French sweet BONBON
Go away, leave DEPART
Grown-up ADULT
In accordance with law LEGAL
Latin-American dance TANGO
Longboats on inland waterways BARGES
Man-made lake of stored water RESERVOIR
Means of communication LANGUAGE
Menace, intimidate THREATEN
Monies left in a bank DEPOSITS
On one’s own ALONE
Periods of times or witch’s curses SPELLS
Preliminary or preparatory statements PREAMBLES
Purchased BOUGHT
Rough shelter lying against the wall of a building LEANTO
Seventh planet from the sun URANUS
Shun, exclude OSTRACISE
Small burrowing rodent GERBIL
Small rodent MOUSE
Stand firm against RESIST
Stick for drawing CRAYON
They’re found on fish SCALES
Trench DITCH
Untidy and dirty SLOVENLY
White garment worn by priests ALB
Wrappings for wounds BANDAGES
Wrath IRE