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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 4 2019

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Clues Answers
Aim, objective GOAL
Apparel, garb CLOTHING
Complete absence of hope DESPAIR
Conceivable, imaginable POSSIBLE
Countrified RUSTIC
Disperse, throw around SCATTER
Exclude, omit LEAVEOUT
Festive celebration GALA
Highest female voices SOPRANOS
Indiscriminate killing of large numbers MASSACRE
Joined by treaty or agreement ALLIED
Knowing very little IGNORANT
Light repasts SNACKS
Lodging for military personnel BILLET
Moneylender who charges very high interest USURER
New York river HUDSON
Notorious Chicago gangster arrested for tax evasion ALCAPONE
Opposed, disinclined AVERSE
Osculates KISSES
Persuade with promise of reward ENTICE
Put off till another time POSTPONE
Refuges, sanctuaries ASYLUMS
Relating to the body, not the mind PHYSICAL
Roman Emperor notorious for vice and luxury NERO
Sheets, pillowcases etc. BEDLINEN
Slowly and gracefully, in music ADAGIO
Strolling AMBLING
Therefore, to the old Romans ERGO
US five-cent piece NICKEL
Very large tent, for circuses etc. MARQUEES
Window above a door FANLIGHT
Younger or lower in rank JUNIOR