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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 5 2019

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Clues Answers
Affirmed to be true ATTESTED
Bring to a close FINISH
British quality trade mark KITEMARK
Bully, intimidate HECTOR
Character of the alphabet LETTER
Concerned with the sea MARINE
Custom-made BESPOKE
Distance from top to bottom HEIGHT
Engaged to work EMPLOYED
Fishing gear TACKLE
Foolishness, silliness NONSENSE
Football, tennis etc. SPORTS
Glass half-full attitude OPTIMISM
Government or church officer MINISTER
In all likelihood PROBABLY
Labels TAGS
Maintain firmly INSIST
Make less hostile, win over DISARM
Mischievous fairies IMPS
Natural hot spring GEYSER
One thing on a list ITEM
Professional care for the hands MANICURE
Refuse to acknowledge IGNORE
Rough outlines SKETCHES
Substance or general idea GIST
Tableaux or dramatic scenes depicting historical events PAGEANT
Top of the windpipe THROAT
Trespass, infringe ENCROACH
Vast, colossal IMMENSE
Wart on the sole of the foot VERRUCA
Wildly happy EUPHORIC
Young folk CHILDREN