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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Above average in size, number, etc. LARGE
Arrive at a point REACH
Became well again HEALED
Branch of peace OLIVE
Bucket-like vessel TUB
By way of VIA
Canine young PUP
Cork river LEE
Cut through with a sharp instrument PIERCE
Dealer in knives, forks etc. CUTLER
Fair City or Coronation Street, say SOAPOPERA
Furniture for storing provisions etc. CUPBOARD
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
In a rude or curt manner ABRUPTLY
Involving reversion to an earlier type ATAVISTIC
It impedes or hinders HANDICAP
Moving in the same direction but always the same distance apart PARALLEL
Natural suture cord now largely replaced by artificial polymer CATGUT
On the off chance INCASE
One causes the death of another KILLER
Oversee, superintend SUPERVISE
Port city on the Persian Gulf DUBAI
Protected from heat and light SHADED
Right or means of admittance ACCESS
Say or do again REPEAT
Snap, in short PHOTO
Softly, in music PIANO
Sudden great misfortune DISASTER
The king who thought he could hold back the tide CANUTE
The use of exaggeration for effect HYPERBOLE
Theatrical DRAMATIC
Thoroughfares ROADS
Took the trouble to do something BOTHERED
University in Paris SORBONNE
With the mouth wide open, in wonder perhaps GAPING