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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 8 2019

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Clues Answers
A state of fitness and good health FETTLE
Beginning STARTING
Below or beneath UNDER
Buddy, mate PAL
Civility, politeness COURTESY
Clearly outlined and easy to see DISTINCT
Concern and distress at the unexpected DISMAY
Estimate GUESS
Excellent, first-class SPLENDID
Fish with hook and line ANGLE
Four-sided figure RECTANGLE
Freight of ship or truck CARGO
French pancakes CREPES
Gains points SCORES
Hand out medicine DISPENSE
Jemmied, levered PRISED
Made a gesture of indifference SHRUGGED
Most populous country CHINA
Musical animal fat? GREASE
No arch when you drop it, oddly ANCHOR
Obstruction, blockage OCCLUSION
Occur in turn repeatedly ALTERNATE
On the inside INNER
One finds finance for a show PRODUCER
One pays rent TENANT
Perfectly round figure CIRCLE
Places in peril ENDANGERS
Reflections or representations IMAGES
Religious sister NUN
Residue of fire ASH
Rule as sovereign REIGN
Separates, divides SPLITS
Silvery white metal TIN
Very fine or easily broken DELICATE
Vitality, get-up-and-go ENERGY
Vogue or tendency TREND