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Irish Times (Simplex) – February 9 2019

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Clues Answers
Absolutely necessary ESSENTIAL
Accepts as true BELIEVES
Acquire by effort EARN
Applies colour PAINTS
Between blue and yellow GREEN
Brain-teaser RIDDLE
Breakfast food PORRIDGE
British peer EARL
Centre around which something rotates AXIS
Commend, laud PRAISE
Containers with cells producing power BATTERIES
Depressingly dark GLOOMY
Dictates, commands ORDERS
Distinctive clothes for particular groups UNIFORMS
Exhausting or tedious TIRING
Gesture that encodes a message SIGNAL
Give advice to COUNSEL
Graceful and stylish ELEGANT
Grant, confer AWARD
Huge destructive waves TSUNAMIS
Is the sea rife with these strange flowers? FREESIA
Literary composition ESSAY
Longest river of China YANGTZE
Military land forces ARMIES
One plunges head first into water DIVER
Person blamed for the wrongdoings or mistakes of others SCAPEGOAT
Really existing ACTUAL
Refill or make complete again REPLENISH
Relating to tiny particles ATOMIC
Resists, stands up to DEFIES
Separate into portions DIVIDE
Silky fabric with thick pile VELVET
Territory over which rule or control is exercised DOMAIN
Toughen by heating and cooling TEMPER
Weapons and limbs ARMS