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Irish Times (Simplex) – January 11 2019

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Clues Answers
A form of clay-pigeon shooting SKEET
A Korean martial art TAEKWONDO
Adieu, so long FAREWELL
Aesthetically pleasing ARTISTIC
Charge with an offence ACCUSE
Disable a horse with drugs NOBBLE
Enjoyable, agreeable PLEASANT
Flickering tongue of fire FLAME
Forms a layer over COVERS
Fully or absolutely ENTIRELY
Garment like a shirt BLOUSE
Habitual joker or a wit WAG
Have the same view AGREE
More pleasant NICER
More than enough PLENTY
Not restrained LOOSE
Noticed or remarked OBSERVED
One of 12 pairs of curved bones RIB
Orchestral introductions to an opera etc OVERTURES
Percussion instruments TRIANGLES
Put into service USE
Rapid and incomprehensible talk BABBLE
Recurring sequences of events CYCLES
Regard, respect ESTEEM
Senior person in a firm, executive or non-executive DIRECTOR
Sphere, globe ORB
Stalk of dry grass STRAW
Stop working permanently RETIRE
Synthetic fabric NYLON
Threadlike substances FIBRES
Tiny organisms, good and bad BACTERIA
Tooth doctors DENTISTS
Township in Johannesburg SOWETO
Wind, distort TWIST
Workroom of an artist STUDIO