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Irish Times (Simplex) – January 15 2019

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Clues Answers
Achievable, feasible POSSIBLE
Alfresco meal PICNIC
Anger and love, say EMOTIONS
Bails CIA out of the church BASILICA
Bring in from abroad IMPORT
Change over SWITCH
Characteristic of Greece HELLENIC
Confident that one is right SURE
Free from infirmity or disease HEALTHY
Gelatine cases for medicine CAPSULES
Habitations for hymenoptera BEEHIVES
High-pitched and sharp SHRILL
Hood for monk or chimney COWL
Judged the worth of ASSESSED
Lea blabs about the sport BASEBALL
Not subject to, taxation perhaps EXEMPT
Pointed weapons SPEARS
Prepared squid CALAMARI
Royal family member PRINCESS
Send into water or space LAUNCH
Separates, divides SPLITS
Set apart, quarantined ISOLATED
Sharpen, appetite, say WHET
Slow-moving slugs SNAILS
Sour condiment VINEGAR
Spanish cubist painter PICASSO
The colour of unbleached linen ECRU
They’re licensed to fly PILOTS
Tools for household use UTENSILS
Tread them in the theatre BOARDS
Was apprehensive about FEARED
Worthless material RUBBISH