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Irish Times (Simplex) – January 18 2019

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Clues Answers
Anne …, one of Henry VIII’s wives BOLEYN
Besides, in addition MOREOVER
Buries the dead INTERS
Business that works on behalf of others AGENCY
Canine for the visually-impaired GUIDEDOG
Concentrated extracts of plants ESSENCES
Difficult to do or bear ONEROUS
Exchange for money SELL
Good ones make good neighbours, it’s said FENCES
Haphazard, with no fixed pattern RANDOM
Hatred of women MISOGYNY
Hold on to it for support HANDRAIL
Hooded waterproof jacket ANORAK
Knives fixed to rifles BAYONETS
Lounge around LOLL
Moves into position for military action DEPLOYS
Mysterious, secret or obscure ARCANE
Norwegian city OSLO
Of a house fit for a king PALATIAL
Olfactory organ NOSE
Out of the ordinary UNCOMMON
Poems of mourning ELEGIES
Put money in for return INVEST
Pyramidal temple with an upward curving roof PAGODA
Raises trivial objections CAVILS
Rich Russian with political influence OLIGARCH
Surrounded on all sides ENCLOSED
Time when an event takes place OCCASION
Underground tunnel for the dead CATACOMB
West Indian witchcraft VOODOO
Yellow bird CANARY