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Irish Times (Simplex) – January 19 2019

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Clues Answers
Allowed to enter or owned up ADMITTED
Battle and London Square TRAFALGAR
Black and white animals PANDAS
Concede, give in YIELD
Control, restriction, curtailment RESTRAINT
Curt, terse LACONIC
Day named after a goddess FRIDAY
Deface or break DAMAGE
Dish made with durum wheat dough PASTA
Evil, malevolent MALIGN
Fluid to protect an embryo AMNIOTIC
Give a value to something RATE
Goat with silky hair ANGORA
Group of states under the control one authority EMPIRE
Helical shape SPIRAL
Immediately following NEXT
Large predatory feline LION
Long, narrow ranges of hilltops RIDGES
Minor actor in crowd scenes EXTRA
Objects THINGS
Perform surgery OPERATE
Pleasant heat WARMTH
Postscripts, supplements ADDENDA
Recipients of medical care PATIENTS
Request the return of a defective product RECALL
Second Greek letter BETA
Small harpsichord SPINET
Small marks or flaws BLEMISHES
Spicy pepper sauce TABASCO
Standard of perfection IDEAL
Those with the same status, rights, etc. EQUALS
Tracks, paths TRAILS
Unit of time MINUTE
Widespread decline in trade RECESSION