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Irish Times (Simplex) – January 30 2019

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Clues Answers
A people, language and whiskey IRISH
Canadian national tree MAPLE
Captious, carping CRITICAL
Change the order or arrangement of TRANSPOSE
Close acquaintance FRIEND
Complete, containing all the parts WHOLE
Composition for an orchestra SYMPHONY
Curved paths of celestial objects ORBITS
Directly across from OPPOSITE
Espresso diluted with hot water AMERICANO
Flavourful dressings SAUCES
Garden equipment LAWNMOWER
Greek god of the mountains PAN
Hairy facial growths BEARDS
Have the same opinion AGREE
Large rocks BOULDERS
More than one PLURAL
Not complex or complicated SIMPLE
Official with power to prohibit distribution of material CENSOR
Once more AGAIN
Pace of a musical piece TEMPO
Part of a curve ARC
Peril, risk DANGER
Person from the US AMERICAN
Posts made on Twitter TWEETS
Pronounce not guilty of a crime EXONERATE
Raised surface of a fabric NAP
Right and left SIDES
Set free, discharged RELEASED
Spiritualist MEDIUM
Stretched, extended to the limit STRAINED
Sweet plant secretion NECTAR
Swindle or trick someone CON
Symbolic figure, of a team perhaps MASCOT
Trunk of the body TORSO
Whole, nothing missing COMPLETE