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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Ask for earnestly ENTREAT
Breathe out EXHALE
Chemical element, often used in lights NEON
Contradiction in terms OXYMORON
Court appointed to look into a particular matter TRIBUNAL
Croatian capital ZAGREB
Disinclined, unwilling AVERSE
Federation of Arab states EMIRATES
Hardened against INURED
Hereditary military dictator of Japan SHOGUN
Hired murderer ASSASSIN
In spite of any indications to the contrary AFTERALL
Lyric poems ODES
Manufacturing plant FACTORY
Matthew or Mark, say APOSTLE
Measuring instruments GAUGES
Clues Answers
Money pouches PURSES
Most expensive or most loved DEAREST
Native of Bucharest, say ROMANIAN
Not superficial or partial THOROUGH
One is appointed to liquidate or preserve assets RECEIVER
One sells to the public RETAILER
Opposed to ANTI
Periodical and arms store MAGAZINE
Porous mass in oceans SPONGE
Put money into a company INVEST
Setting agent in jams and jellies PECTIN
Small high-pitched flute FIFE
Soldier in the artillery GUNNER
Tranquil, calm PEACEFUL
Turkish fate, destiny KISMET
Wooden tiles and painful condition SHINGLES