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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 12 2018

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Clues Answers
City thoroughfare STREET
Dish of fried shrimp or prawns SCAMPI
Doing something without serious effort DABBLING
Encircle, fence in SURROUND
Fully grown MATURE
Good enough, all right ADEQUATE
High-handed, supercilious CAVALIER
Incapable of sustaining life BARREN
Innate behaviour INSTINCT
It was Bombay MUMBAI
Keenness, sharpness ACUITY
Lying on the back SUPINE
Move somebody to a different position REASSIGN
Observing or taking down NOTING
Old Celtic language ERSE
Ominous, baleful SINISTER
Clues Answers
Port of Yemen ADEN
Portable lights LANTERNS
Promptly and willingly READILY
Refuse to give in to RESIST
Requiring little effort EASY
Right or means of admittance ACCESS
Ship’s flag and junior officer ENSIGN
Showing signs of overwork or suffering HAGGARD
Small dogs like greyhounds WHIPPETS
Speaks impressively and dramatically DECLAIMS
They express assent AYES
Thin sheet that surrounds body parts MEMBRANE
Tools for gardening and plastering TROWELS
Tough fibrous tissue in the body LIGAMENT
Treeless plain of Russia STEPPE
Very knowledgeable ERUDITE