Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 13 2018

Clues Answers
All that exists UNIVERSE
Alters to regulate ADJUSTS
Arguing over petty things NIGGLING
Biting off very small pieces NIBBLING
Climbing frame LADDER
Cough to draw attention AHEM
Delicate, elusive SUBTLE
Enter a property without permission TRESPASS
Except on condition that UNLESS
Expatriates EXILES
Foolhardy, rash RECKLESS
Gathering of people or fitting parts together ASSEMBLY
High-pitched and sharp SHRILL
In need of food HUNGRY
Inflict punishment on PENALISE
Moroccan city TANGIERS
Clues Answers
Moroccan stew cooked in a pot with a conical lid TAGINE
Naturally gifted TALENTED
Object thought to guard against evil TALISMAN
One denies the existence of gods ATHEIST
Particle of matter ATOM
Person or thing that’s abhorred ANATHEMA
Proposal for discussion MOTION
Seize a vehicle forcefully HIJACK
Serious, sincere EARNEST
Showing arrogant superiority and disdain HAUGHTY
Sleep-like, half-conscious state TRANCE
Stir up, provoke INCITE
Tune, air MELODY
Type of sliding window SASH
Units of electrical resistance OHMS
Upper part of the face FOREHEAD

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