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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Abided by, rules say OBSERVED
Advantage gained by beginning early HEADSTART
Barely, scarcely HARDLY
Bone in the arm ULNA
Circular ROUND
Each and all EVERY
Evil supernatural beings DEVILS
Exhort, press URGE
Explanation of a phenomenon THEORY
Fastened securely with a pointed piece of metal NAILED
Fixed so as not to give way SECURE
Fresh, new UNUSED
Inhabitants of Italy’s capital ROMANS
Inspections and repairs, of cars perhaps SERVICES
It breaks a fall from the sky PARACHUTE
It turns litmus red ACID
Jar for water EWER
Lie adjacent to another ADJOIN
Clues Answers
Members of staff PERSONNEL
Narrator and bank clerk TELLER
Pleasant odour SCENT
Respond to something done or said REACT
Room below ground CELLAR
Rough, bumpy UNEVEN
Set down in permanent form RECORD
Short stiff hairs on a man’s face before a shave STUBBLE
Sovereigns etc RULERS
State positively and confidently ASSURE
Stayed clear of AVOIDED
Streets with only one way in or out CULDESACS
Summary or shortened version DIGEST
Suppose without proof PRESUME
Tell a story RELATE
Treats with excessive indulgence COSSETS
Unbecoming, impolite UNSEEMLY
Underground tunnel for the dead CATACOMB