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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Annul, revoke REPEAL
Assert firmly INSIST
Before birth PRENATAL
Beginner, novice TYRO
Blindly loyal to one side PARTISAN
Cold Spanish soup GAZPACHO
Common sense NOUS
Continues in spite of opposition PERSISTS
Criminal, bandit OUTLAW
Deliberately unreasonable PERVERSE
Electronic machine COMPUTER
Fatalities DEATHS
Favouritism shown to relatives by those in power NEPOTISM
Force to leave EXPELS
French port CALAIS
Fruits of the vine GRAPES
Clues Answers
Gazelle or gnu, say ANTELOPE
Greek god, son of Zeus APOLLO
Hankerings, yearnings YENS
Hitherto UPTONOW
Not enough to meet demand SCARCE
Olfactory organ NOSE
One analyses and interprets works of art CRITIC
One does chemical tests on metals ASSAYER
Plants of wetlands RUSHES
Portending tragedy OMINOUS
Provide with information APPRISE
Provides with the necessary tools EQUIPS
Trespass, infringe ENCROACH
Two-wheeled vehicles SCOOTERS
Unbecoming, not fitting UNSEEMLY
Veiled, hidden OBSCURED