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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Augury, portent OMEN
Casual, not official INFORMAL
Crying like a lamb BLEATING
Division of geological time AEON
Expedition to observe animals SAFARI
Forked piece of a chicken WISHBONE
Forlorn, solitary LONELY
Harsh order issued by authority DIKTAT
International organisation for collective security NATO
It’s where the heart is, it’s said HOME
Manipulation of the muscles MASSAGE
Mass books MISSALS
Musical instrument like a small guitar MANDOLIN
Not neatly combed UNKEMPT
Not posing any danger HARMLESS
Open and responsive to suggestion AMENABLE
Clues Answers
Place of pilgrimage in Portugal FATIMA
Profit earned on money RETURN
Rather, a little SOMEWHAT
Rules as monarch REIGNS
Shock to body or mind TRAUMA
Small representative part SAMPLE
Spectres, ghosts PHANTOMS
Stated emphatically, refusing to budge INSISTED
Stitching SEWING
Supreme commanders of a fleet ADMIRALS
The Promised One MESSIAH
The quality of being funny HUMOUR
Tomorrow for the Spanish MANANA
Troubled, perturbed AGITATED
Vast bodies of water OCEANS
Violent discharge of volcanic material ERUPTION