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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Acquired knowledge LEARNT
An outstanding player in a tournament SEED
Arctic animal REINDEER
Assimilate or soak up ABSORB
Black and white wading birds STORKS
Break into many pieces SHATTER
Channel, furrow GROOVE
Curve of the foot ARCH
Enthusiastic expression of agreement HEARHEAR
Evaluated ASSESSED
Expensive gems and card suit DIAMONDS
Extreme fear TERROR
Group of three TROIKA
Guiltless or guileless INNOCENT
Hard alloy suitable for casting BRONZE
Having great knowledge or learning ERUDITE
Clues Answers
Incendiary, firebug ARSONIST
Lustrous beads PEARLS
Mathematical statement of equivalence EQUATION
More indolent LAZIER
Munitions store and English football team ARSENAL
One believes in the existence of a god or gods THEIST
One sent to represent others DELEGATE
Samples the flavour TASTES
Small axes with short handles HATCHETS
Sneaky, clandestine STEALTHY
Speaks very softly WHISPERS
Story, anecdote TALE
Strange pub relic of a political system REPUBLIC
Surrender or relinquish CEDE
Ugly sight EYESORE
Visible masses suspended at altitude CLOUDS