Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 24 2018

Clues Answers
Arid areas DESERTS
Browbeat, boss around BALLYRAG
Circus tumblers ACROBATS
Conveyances VEHICLES
Crumbly cheese from northwest England CHESHIRE
Cutlery pieces SPOONS
Disclose, divulge REVEAL
Disruption of the body’s rhythm by air travel JETLAG
Fans of Star Trek TREKKIES
Fraternal relations BROTHERS
Hanging beds, suspended between two trees perhaps HAMMOCKS
In company TOGETHER
Its capital is Tallinn ESTONIA
Low dam across a stream WEIR
Martin …, film-maker SCORSESE
Most well-off RICHEST
Clues Answers
Movable partition SCREEN
Move up and down a screen SCROLL
Not at home AWAY
One pretends to be someone else IMPOSTER
Part of a plant that contains pollen ANTHER
Pass on, transfer CONVEY
Plan or act secretly SCHEME
Says again ITERATES
Shouts in approval CHEERS
Stone used as an abrasive PUMICE
Swiss city GENEVA
The same as just mentioned, to old Romans IDEM
The statistical norm AVERAGE
Wheel-hoop TYRE
When glaciers covered a large part of the earth’s surface ICEAGE
You can’t make one without breaking eggs OMELETTE

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