Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 25 2018

Clues Answers
Absolve from blame EXONERATE
Artificially-made compound SYNTHETIC
Band of contrasting colour STRIPE
Believes to be guilty but without proof SUSPECTS
Cares about these measurements ACRES
Conclude by reasoning DEDUCE
Excessively preoccupied OBSESSED
Forced into a narrow space WEDGED
Frozen water ICE
Go into ENTER
Have being EXIST
He’d nap under this shiny shrub DAPHNE
Heavy blocks for blacksmiths ANVILS
Imaginary one-horned animals UNICORNS
In many cases OFTEN
In that place THERE
It’s placed at the end of a word SUFFIX
Japanese invasive plant species KNOTWEED
Clues Answers
Large container, for tea say URN
Looked with fixed gaze STARED
Loud raucous cries of an owl HOOTS
Man-made lake to store water RESERVOIR
No longer wishes to punish for offence FORGIVES
One beer ALE
One makes beer BREWER
Prefix for fake PSEUDO
Principles or standards by which to judge CRITERIA
Repaired MENDED
Restless or short-tempered IMPATIENT
Seats for singles CHAIRS
Stately, dignified MAJESTIC
Stiffened with a carbohydrate STARCHED
Trace of colour TINGE
Unit of measurement of work ERG
Very great fear TERROR
White heron EGRET

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