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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Adjective EPITHET
Alone, unaccompanied SOLO
Beauty is only this, it’s said SKINDEEP
Biting insect MOSQUITO
Body of beliefs IDEOLOGY
Brought in merchandise from abroad IMPORTED
Changes to suit another purpose ADAPTS
Crop valued for seeds and oil SESAME
Cylindrical container BARREL
Elongated flower cluster RACEME
Enter by force to conquer INVADE
Gloomy in manner or appearance DOUR
Go beyond EXCEED
Indefatigable, unflagging TIRELESS
Lacking self-confidence INSECURE
Leak out slowly OOZE
Clues Answers
Lemons turn out to be other fruits MELONS
Little Rock is the State capital ARKANSAS
Nervous, tense, anxious UPTIGHT
No amount at all ZERO
Part representing the whole SAMPLE
Physical power STRENGTH
Rebound BOUNCE
Repeat aloud from memory RECITE
Required something essential NEEDED
Sell cheaper than the competition UNDERCUT
State of parity of status etc. EQUALITY
Supplement to a will CODICIL
Surroundings ENVIRONS
Try to deal with fishing gear TACKLE
Very sure, certain POSITIVE
West Indian song CALYPSO