Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 28 2018

Clues Answers
Accounts book LEDGER
Acknowledgment of a hit in fencing TOUCHE
Air-powered instruments ORGANS
Average weather conditions in various locations CLIMATES
Balms, ointments UNCTIONS
Boredom, tedium ENNUI
Came or went before PRECEDED
Deer-horn ANTLER
Delivers a blow with the foot KICKS
Demise DEATH
Domestic fowl CHICKENS
Don Bradman or David Gower, say CRICKETER
First city to be hit by atomic bomb HIROSHIMA
Fun week for college students RAG
Garret ATTIC
Hand-held firearm PISTOL
Harmony, concurrence ACCORD
In that place THERE
Clues Answers
Irritation, anger IRE
It’s for drying dishes TEATOWEL
Leaves out OMITS
Make a serious effort ENDEAVOUR
Measuring stick RULER
Micro-organisms that can cause disease BACTERIA
Origin, root SOURCE
Plan, blueprint DESIGN
Prehistoric burial mounds of stones CAIRNS
Providing commentary for a film, for example NARRATING
Punctuation mark COMMA
Shack, hovel HUT
Small fact or feature DETAIL
Small pieces left over SCRAPS
Take away weapons DISARM
They sell goods and services SALESMEN
Time in years AGE

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