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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 28 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword.

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”… is the cruellest month” (T.S. Eliot) APRIL
… emptor, let the buyer beware CAVEAT
… the Great, ancient Greek king ALEXANDER
Airspace where no aircraft may go NOFLYZONE
Cloth, textile FABRIC
Complete with regard to every detail THOROUGH
Control, hold in check RESTRAIN
Daisylike flowers ASTERS
Deluges FLOODS
Desiccated DRIED
Extreme fear TERROR
Fellow-feeling in time of trouble SYMPATHY
Fish with hook and line ANGLE
Group of singers CHOIR
Hairpiece WIG
Have legal possession of OWN
It builds up in pipes and kettles LIMESCALE
It’s said to be the best medicine LAUGHTER
Long, narrow ranges of hilltops RIDGES
Looked at similarities and differences COMPARED
Mildly, softly GENTLY
Net gain PROFIT
Nether garments UNDERWEAR
Nomad, itinerant person GYPSY
Not in a position to UNABLE
Observation,vision EYE
Person in position of authority OFFICIAL
Quantity or amount produced OUTPUT
Reach an opinion based on reasoning CONCLUDE
Remote in manner ALOOF
Seasonally flooded lowland SWAMP
Swallow up completely ENGULF
The most talented GREATEST
Throw in a high arc LOB
Unit of instruction LESSON