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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Antipathy, aversion DISTASTE
Artists’ studios ATELIERS
Ava and Earl Stanley GARDNER
Beirut is the capital LEBANON
Charlotte, Emily and Anne BRONTE
Editions, publications ISSUES
Established lines of travel ROUTES
First book of the Old Testament GENESIS
From which petrol is made CRUDEOIL
Game that tests your ingenuity PUZZLE
Hold on to, keep back RETAIN
Ignore or fail to notice OVERLOOK
Imposing entrance PORTAL
In a short or curt manner TERSELY
Laughter is said to be the best one MEDICINE
Clues Answers
Memento, keepsake SOUVENIR
Noisy toy and snake RATTLE
Not fit to eat INEDIBLE
On a ship, plane or train ABOARD
Physical aggression VIOLENCE
Posture or opinion ATTITUDE
Purpose, aim INTENT
Severe snowstorm BLIZZARD
Skin disorder ACNE
Snow vehicle SLEDGE
Swallow up completely ENGULF
Symbol representing a number FIGURE
The right to reject a decision VETO
They receive radio signals ANTENNAE
Unit for measuring herring CRAN
Very eager or curious AGOG