Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 30 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
42, say NUMBER
Abstract principles THEORIES
Acquires, obtains GETS
Active, sporty ATHLETIC
Artist in three-dimensional shapes SCULPTOR
Become visible APPEAR
Coarse fabric for sacks HESSIAN
Debris, rubble DETRITUS
Despite the fact that THOUGH
Distance above ground HEIGHT
Fall back into bad health RELAPSE
French general and emperor NAPOLEON
Furthermore, in addition MOREOVER
Gather in one place ASSEMBLE
Ghostliness, scariness EERINESS
Grow, add to INCREASE
Hair cleaners SHAMPOOS
Hitting with the fist PUNCHING
Not habitual or common UNUSUAL
Pieces of paper and bed linen SHEETS
Poetically you THEE
Quantity, sum AMOUNT
Rough, bumpy UNEVEN
Silky fabric with thick pile VELVET
Small representative part SAMPLE
Stand firm against RESIST
Straightforward, not elaborate SIMPLE
Take away REMOVE
Tell, advise APPRISE
Unconditional, downright ABSOLUTE
Unsightly UGLY
Wheel-ring TYRE

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