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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 31 2018

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Clues Answers
An ideal but unattainable state UTOPIA
Astute, savvy SHREWD
Bear something patiently ENDURE
Brain-teaser RIDDLE
Commit or deliver formally CONSIGN
Deluges FLOODS
Distance from top to bottom HEIGHT
Flight of steps STAIRS
Formal spoken communications SPEECHES
Fossilised, petrified OSSIFIED
Grace and stylishness ELEGANCE
Greek goddess of youth, wife of Hercules HEBE
Happy-go-lucky CAREFREE
Hindu festival of lights DIWALI
Inclination or prejudice BIAS
Irish wailing woman BANSHEE
Clues Answers
It causes a streak of light in the night sky METEOR
Killer whale ORCA
Kitchen implements UTENSILS
Marine equine mammal SEAHORSE
Mark of approval CACHET
Narrow strip of land with water on two sides ISTHMUS
Norse god of thunder THOR
Notes acknowledging money paid RECEIPTS
One who breaks a strike by working BLACKLEG
Receive an academic degree GRADUATE
Reminder of a past event MEMENTO
Sanctioned, authorised APPROVED
Seek, hunt out SEARCH
Small orange carp GOLDFISH
Spanish omelette TORTILLA
Suitable for use as food EDIBLE