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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 31 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Irish Times (Simplex) Crossword.

Clues Answers
Absolutely necessary ESSENTIAL
Amounts paid before they’re earned ADVANCES
Apples and oranges FRUITS
Appropriate, fitting SUITABLE
Boundaries of a surface EDGES
Bram Stoker’s gothic vampire DRACULA
Change slightly to fit ADJUST
Contract or promise AGREEMENT
Discomfort or apprehension UNEASE
Edge, border MARGIN
English painter and policeman CONSTABLE
Expenditures, outlays COSTS
Fetching, collecting GETTING
Having no smell ODOURLESS
Hawaiian capital HONOLULU
Inactive, motionless STATIC
Instructions, commands ORDERS
It’s for the birds NEST
Lower digits TOES
Make a selection CHOOSE
Measure of a surface AREA
Most luxurious in growth LUSHEST
Of genetically different groups of people RACIAL
Only small parts of them are seen above water ICEBERGS
Reflection of sound wave ECHO
Republic whose mythology is widely known GREECE
Right or means of entry ACCESS
Shaped lumps of bread LOAVES
Spatter with liquid SPLASH
Stops, refrains from DESISTS
Tall woody plants TREES
The one in this runs the meeting CHAIR
They show exceptional courage HEROES
Utter a piercing cry SCREAM
Way of doing something METHOD
Without equal, unparalleled UNIQUE