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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 4 2018

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Clues Answers
”Tom …, the piper’s son” (nursery rhyme) THUMB
Collaborator with an occupying force QUISLING
Deed or legal proceeding ACTION
Deliberately misleading fabrication CANARD
Diffident, timid SHY
Efforts, endeavours ATTEMPTS
Expanse of salt water SEA
Government or church officer MINISTER
Hardy and sure-footed animal ASS
Higher, better or more important SUPERIOR
Is fond of LIKES
It’s said to be lucky HORSESHOE
Large seabird found among lost Arabs ALBATROSS
Mature animals ADULTS
Mention, cite REFER
Movement towards a goal PROGRESS
Moving staircase ESCALATOR
Clues Answers
Not including EXCEPT
Not subject to the normal consequences IMPUNITY
Not very often SELDOM
Occurrence, occasion EVENT
One is in a position of authority OFFICIAL
Pass on information IMPART
Peig and Dorothy L. SAYERS
Pressure or emphasis STRESS
Recommendation for a course of action ADVICE
Tennis serve that an opponent can’t reach ACE
Twisted someone’s arm, metaphorically PERSUADED
Type of savoury tart QUICHE
Unit of instruction LESSON
Utilising USING
V-shaped indentation NOTCH
Verb form indicating time TENSE
Weapon of knights of old LANCE