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Irish Times (Simplex) – Jul 5 2018

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Clues Answers
”Death the …” (James Shirley) LEVELLER
Allowance made for the weight of the container in which goods are packed TARE
At, from or to a great distance AFAR
Buildings, structures EDIFICES
Clauses appended to a legislative bill RIDERS
Clumsy, ill at ease AWKWARD
Colombian capital BOGOTA
Computer instructions that result in a series of instructions MACROS
Deserted and dilapidated DERELICT
Dislike intensely HATE
Edible fungus MUSHROOM
Fishes with rod and line ANGLES
Get rid of REMOVE
Important church, like St Peter’s in Rome BASILICA
In an unconcerned manner CASUALLY
Italian family who ruled Florence in the 15th century MEDICI
Clues Answers
Line joining two opposite corners DIAGONAL
Look like this to show suspicion ASKANCE
Meeting for boat races REGATTA
Monetary resources FINANCES
Most fatigued WEARIEST
Mythical story LEGEND
Nation in North America CANADA
One means these flowers, oddly ANEMONES
Professional cook CHEF
Shelters from danger or hardship ASYLUMS
Smoothed with heat IRONED
Speaks very quietly WHISPERS
The striking of one body against another IMPACT
The truth of these sayings is self-evident AXIOMS
They argue the pros and cons of a subject DEBATERS
Well-mannered, courteous POLITE